Abel is a boy who first appeared in Papa's Freezeria as a closer but became a neutral customer after Wingeria. His orders are in Hot Doggeria are pretty easy, but he was long time a closer.



Whose FriendsEdit

Richy's friend, girlfriend Shanoon.


Papa's Freezeria:

he orders a large sherbet (strawberry is locked) with pineapple, (strawberry is closed), chunky blend with whipped cream, blueberry topping (no if locked), strawberry topping, cookies, and Creameo

Papa's Pancakeria:

2 bacon pancakes (no if closed) with blueberries and honey


large tea with ice

Papa's Wingeria:

4 medium strips, with celery, red pepper, and green pepper, ranch and awsome sauce dip

Papa's Hot Doggeria:

kielbasa in a chicago bun with ballpark mustard, onions, onion sauce, and sport pepper


large hyper green (Fizzo if closed), kettle corn (Candy Jack if closed)

He won with Richy at Papa's Next Chefs 2012 and lost with Mindy. He became second at Atomic Division.

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