Clair (Taco Mia)

From Taco Mia.

Clair is a character in the Papa Louie series of video games. She first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria.


Pizzeria Rank 52

Burgeria Rank 6

Taco Mia Rank 70

Freezeria Day Customer

Wingeria Rank 8

Hot Doggeria Rank 96

Cupcakeria Rank 102

In the GamesEdit

Papa's PizzeriaEdit

Papa's Taco Mia!Edit

Rank received at: 40 (Three-Star Expert)
Clair's Taco Order

Clair's Taco

Favorite ingredients: Hard taco, beef, lettuce, peppers, loco sauce, tomatoes, and


Her meal: 2 Pecan Toasts, Maple Syrup, raspberries, 3 Strawberries Drink: Milk in small cup with ice

Clair's Perfect Taco

A perfect Clair taco.

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