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Cooper is a character in the Papa Louie series of video games. He first appeared in Papa Louie. He acts as a protagonist in Papa's Pancakeria, alongside Prudence. Cooper is Papa Louie's biggest fan. He has an orange cat named Cookie. she are Third-to-last in Papa's Taco Mia!

His siblings are Greg, Robby and Peggy, His mother is Mary and his uncle is James.

He did not appear in the next game though, but instead, made a cameo appearance during the intro. He is the first customer in Papa's Pizzeria He first appeared in the original Papa Louie game. He is a playable character in Papa's Pancakeria. He is your first customer in Papa's Pizzeria.He, so far, was the only worker of the Papa's Eateria franchises to be absent.

He won the Papa´s Next Chefs Tournament with his girlfriend Prudence.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 1 he won to Nick and won with Mandi Solary.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 2 he won to Big Pauly and won with Mandi Solary.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 3 he won to Taylor and won won with Prudence.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 4 (semi-finals) he won to Carlo Romano Romano and won with Prudence.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 5 (finals or championship) he won to James and won with Prudence.

Since he worked at the Pancakeria,in the next games he will be wearing that uniform with cookie on his back.

His favorite food is pizza.


In Papa's Taco Mia!, he has a new shirt.

In Papa's Wingeria, She has pancakeria unifrom with Cookie

In the GamesEdit

Papa LouieEdit

Papa's Taco Mia!Edit

Rank received at: 41 (Taco Shop Manager)
Cooper's Taco Order

Cooper's Taco of Choice.

Favorite ingredients: Pita bread, pork, pinto beans, tomatoes, brown rice, and nacho cheese.

Papa's Pizzeria

Rank received at 1

Favorite ingredients: 4 pepperoni in the left half, cooked a quarter of clock, cut in quarters.

Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Freezeria

ORDER: Rainbow Sherbete Syrup w/ Yum&m's (Chunky)

Whipped Cream Blueberry Syrup Tropical Charms

Creamos Gummy onions

Rank received at

Favorite ingredients: bread, medium patty, cheese, tomato, tomato, top bun.

Papa's Pancakeria

Rank received at

Favorite ingredients: 2 pancakes, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maple syrup and large cup of tea with ice.

Cooper's Perfect Taco

A perfect Cooper taco.