Derek Joel Bradford he is a male customer her family members are Willow Allan Cletus Jojo and Boomer and he wears Red Shirt Green and Black Jacket and Black Pants.
Mycustomer Derek


Pizzeria: 3 Sausages Upper Left 5 Mushrooms Bottom Left Cooki about 25 Minutes slice into 6ths

Burgeria Burgeria HD and Burgeria To Go: Bottom Bun Medium Patty Cheese Lettuce Bottom Bun Medium Patty Mustard Top Bun

Taco Mia: Soft Steak Pinto beans Onions Lettuce Cheese Verde Sauce

Freezeria and Freezeria HD: Large Cup Creameo Bits Banana Syrup Smooth Blend Whipped Cream Chocolate Topping Chocolate Chips Banana Creameo

Pancakeria: Bacon Waffle Bacon Waffle Bacon Waffle 4 Butters Honey Large Orange Juice with Ice

Wingeria: 8 Atomic Wings 4 Celery Left 4 Carrots Right Zesty Pesto Dip Mango Chili Dip

Hot Doggeria: Cheddarwurst Chicago Bun Cheese Mayo Mustard Onions Pickle Large Diet Fizzo Small Kettle Corn

Cupcakeria Confetti Cake Liner C Cupcake 1 Blue Frosting Blueberry Wave Drizzle (Chocolate Drizzle in 11 holiday) Creameo Bits 3 Gummy Kraken (3 Cherries in 11 Holidays) Cupcake 2 Teal Frosting Blueberry Wave Drizzle Cannonball (Rainbow Sprinkles in 11 Holiday) Shaved Coconuts 1 Marshmallow 2 Anchor Cookie (2 Nutty Butter Cups in 11 Holidays)

Pastaria: Regular Harvest Tortellini (Bowtie in 11 Holiday) Three Cheese Sauce Crushed Croutons (Shreded Mozzarella in 11 Holidays) 5 Roasted Turkeys (5 Chickens in 11 Holiday) Meatballs Cheesy Bread

Freezeria To Go: Large Cup Cherry Cordials Red Velvet Syrup Smooth Blend Maui Meringue White Chocolate Topping Lollipop Bits Chaved Coconuts Banana Creameo

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