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James is a character in the Papa Louie series of video games. He first appeared in Papa Louie. James is a Papa Louie customer. He became third in the Taco Eating Contest in Papa's Taco Mia!. He arrived in the semi-finals in the Papa´s next chef tournament with Peggy, and he lost to Cooper.

His full name is James Billy Eureka.

His favorite food are peppers.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 1 he won to Gremmie and won with Sue.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 2 he won to Doan and won with Peggy.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 3 he won to Timm and won with Peggy.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 4 (semi-finals) he won to Taylor and won with Peggy.

In Papa's Next Chefs Round 5 (final-championship) he lost to Cooper and lost with Peggy.

In Papa's Taco Mia, he is the last customer to come before Papa Louie does.

His twin sister is Mary, his nephews are Cooper, Greg and Robby and his niece is Peggy.He's currently dating Iris.

In the GamesEdit

Papa LouieEdit

Papa's Taco Mia!Edit

Rank received at: 43 (Taco Mia Master!)
James' Taco Order

James' Taco of Choice.

Favorite ingredients: Hard taco, steak, peppers, cheese and guacamole

Papa's PancakeriaEdit

Rank received at 19.

Favorite ingredients: 2 Pancakes with bacon mix, butter and maple syrup, coffee in large cup with sugar.

Papa's BurgeriaEdit

Rank received at 30.

Favorite ingredients: Bread, medium patty, and top bun.

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