Papa's Fruiteria on 13th on Papa Louie

Release Date June 29, 2016





5/3/2016 Papa's Fruiteria is Coming Soon

5/10/2016 Papa's Fruiteria Inside to Downtown

5/17/2016 The Uniform Workers Greg & Mindy

5/24/2016 Papa's Fruiteria is New Customer is Malvin

5/31/2016 New Holiday: First day of School

6/7/2016 All Customer: Cleaned up

6/13/2016 Start Tutorial with Steven

6/14/2016 Fruit Station

6/20/2016 Mix Station

6/21/2016 Bulid Station

6/22/2016 Release Date Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6/29/2016 Release Date




Malvin  -  Replaces Whiff is the Closer on Monday

Bertha - Replaces Rhonda is the Closer on Tuesday

Quinn on Wednesday

Deano on Thursday

Lord - Replace Radlynn is the Closer on Friday

Xolo and Saturday

Jojo and Sunday


Valentine's Day at Rank 6 with Scarlett

St. Paddy Day at Rank 11 with Georgito

Easter at Rank 16 with Cletus

Chocolate Feast at Rank 21 with Big Pauly

Summer Luau at Rank 26 with Kahuna

Starlight Jubliee at Rank 31 with Boomer

First Day of School at Rank 36 with Tohru

Pirate Bash at Rank 41 with Captain Cori

Halloween at Rank 46 with Willow

Thanksgiving at Rank 51 with Hank

Christmas at Rank 56 with Santa

New Year at Rank 61 with Xandra




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