Rank 23: Maggie and Hot Sauce

Rank 24: Cecilia and Lemon Mist

Rank 25: Ivy and Pumpernickel Roll

Rank 26: Hugo and Red Hot Popcorn

Rank 27: Mitch and Salsa

Rank 28: Sasha and Cheddarwurst

Rank 29: Connor and Tangerine Pop

Rank 30: Johnny and Bacon

Rank 31: Willow and Cinnamon Swirl

Rank 32: Kingsley and Mushrooms

Rank 33: Allan and Root Beer

Rank 34: Lisa and Cheddar Popcorn

Rank 35: Sarge Fan! and Wild Onion Sause

Rank 36: Mindy and Purple Burple

Rank 37: Edna and Cotton Puffs

Rank 38: Bruna Romano

Rank 39: Doan

Rank 40: Utah

Rank 41: Olga

Rank 42: Alberto

Rank 43: Matt

Rank 44: Mary

Rank 45: Georgito

Rank 46: Carlo Romano

Rank 47: Kayla

Rank 48: Cooper

Rank 49: Akari

Rank 50: Franco

Rank 51: Hank

Rank 52: Gremmie

Rank 53: Xandra

Rank 54: Captain Cori

Rank 55: Vicky

Rank 56: Sue

Rank 57: Foodini

Rank 58: Papa Louie



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