This article contains an list of locations and characters appearing in Papa Louie series.



Tastyville is an fictional city where Papa Louie and his royal customers live. Here everybody can eat in Papa's Pizzeria, the world's biggest restaurant. In the city encluding restaurant there are also:

  • Paully's Pepper, the pepper shop which owner is Big Paully
  • Cloudberry Beauty Salon, the barbershop where Vicky and her daughter Mindy work
  • Camp Kingsley, an night bistro owned by Kingsley
  • Tastyville Junior High School, the school where Penny studies etc.
  • Griller Stadium Where Bertha is head empire and where Papa's Hot Doggeria is located


Burgerbugh is an place where the Burgeria customers live. This town contains:

  • Papa's Burgeria, the burger restaurant where Marty and Rita work.
  • Cletus's Barnyard, the farm that Cletus owns.
  • Burgerburgh Music School, the school where Kayla works daily.


Tacodale is an middle town where the Taco Mia! customers live. In this place everybody can see:

  • Papa's Taco Mia!, the taco restaurant where Mitch and Maggie work
  • Just Quinn an Associaties, an company which owner is Quinn, the lawyer
  • Tacodale Cooking School, the school where the one of the Food Critics named Jojo works etc.
  • Tacodale Speedway, the racing circuit where Akari races in.

Calypso IslandEdit

Calypso Island is an city where the Freezeria customers live. In the place there are:

  • Papa's Freezeria, the sundae restaurant where Alberto and Penny work
  • The Surf Shop, the shop owned by Kahuna etc.

Maple MountainEdit

Maple Mountain is an village where the Pancakeria customers live. In this place everybody can visit:

  • Papa's Pancakeria where Prudence and Cooper work
  • The Greasy gear garage which is run and owned by Wendy

Starlight CityEdit

Starlight city is a city where Wingeria customers live. People visit:

  • Papa Louie Arcade
  • Georgito's Palace a hotel owned by Georgito
  • Foodini's Truck
  • Papa's Wingeria where Chuck and Mandi work


Frostfeild is a town where Cupcakeria customers live.

Biscoti Bookstore where Willow buys horrors novels

The Great Spinkeler Chalet , an indoor waterpark

A Clock Tower

Papa Cupcakeria where James and Willow work


Portallini is a city where Pastaria customers live

Chicory cafe

Ricotta inn

Crystal veiw

Papa Pastaria where Utah and Doan work

Powder Point

Powder point is a town were Donuteria customers live

The glazy gift shop

JetXroll  a type of roller coater

Sky ninja the highest roller coater

Pop Dart a game

Papa's Donuteria where Scooter and Tony work


Toastwood is city where Cheeseria customers live and bordes Tacodale

The toastwood trading post

The porterhouse ranch where Peggy and her family live

Papa's Cheeseria where Rudy and Scarlett work

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