1. Marty (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Spatula)
  2. Rita (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Spatula)
  3. Prudence (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Dog Squeak Toys)
  4. Taylor (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Ear Buds)
  5. Clover (Special skill, None, Weapon: Drumsticks)
  6. Mindy (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Hair Dryer Whip)
  7. Akari (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Bananazooka)
  8. Zoe (Special Skill: None, Weapon: Guitar)
  9. Big Pauly (Special Skill: Ground Pound, Weapaon: Crushida Pepper Bombs)
  10. Allan (Special Skill: Ground Pound, Weapon: Karate)
  11. Kahuna (Special Skill: Ground Pound, Weapon: Surfboard)
  12. Kingsley (Special Skill: Ground Pound, Weapon: Microphone)
  13. Ninjoy (Special Skill: Wall Jump, Weapon: Karate)
  14. Penny (Special Skill: Wall Jump, Weapon: Blueberry Shooter)
  15. Sarge Fan! (Special Skill: Wall Jump, Weapon: Gummy Onions)
  16. James (Special Skill: Pushing, Weapon: Plunger)
  17. Scooter (Special Skill: Double Jump, Weapon: Skateboard)
  18. Connor (Special Skill: Double Jump, Weapon: Basketball)
  19. Peggy (Special Skill: Double Jump, Weapon: Lasso)
  20. Georgito (Special Skill: Crawling, Weapon: Money Bag)
  21. Greg (Special Skill: Crawling, Weapon: Yo-Yo)
  22. Yippy (Special Skill: Crawling, Weapon: Rainbow Cookies)
  23. Captain Cori (Special Skill: Pushing, Weapon: Anchor)
  24. Rico (Special Skill: Pushing, Weapon: Chili Bombs)
  25. Boomer (Special Skill: Gliding, Weapon, Roman Candle)
  26. Professor Fitz (Special Skill: Gliding, Weapon: Beaker Bombs)
  27. Foodini  (Special Skill: Gliding, Weapon: Balloon Whip)
  28. Papa Louie (Special Skill: Gliding, Weapon: Pizza Paddle/Beach Umbrella)
  29. Xandra (Special Skill: Gliding, Weapon: X-Wand)

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