Richy is a LITTLE BOY who love onions as the flipline said it.



First AppearenceEdit

Papa's Burgeria

His orders are actually easy, so his weapon in Papa Louie 2 is a Drum.


In Papa's Next Chefs 2012 he lost with Taylor and won with Clover.

He loves onions and the flipline too.


his pizza:

12 onions evenyhere on the pizza and cut into half

his burger:

bottom bun, onion, onion, onion, cheese, onon, cheese, mayo, onion, BBQ, and top bun.

his pancake:

2 bacon pancakes with gummy onions and chocolate chips

his wings:

4 wild onion wings, 4 wild onion shrimps with ranch dip

his hot dog:

hot dog in a chicago bun with fajita veggies and onions

his pop:

large hyper green, small cotton puffs (small buttered if closed)

Pizzeria Rank: 21

Burgeria Rank: 31

Pancakeria Rank: random day customer

Wingeria Rank: closer on day 3

Hot Doggeria Rank: (needs to make all customers to gold)

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