Tohru is a short Japanese-American girl with a pink jacket. She is the starting/first customer in Papa's Taco Mia!. She first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria.&nbsp

Her favorite food is Peppers And Blueberries.Her full name is "Tohru Takumika Hiroshino".

Her burger: bread, well-done patty, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, mayo, top bun.

Her taco: soft (if you haven't unlocked soft it will be hard instead), beef,brown rice, cheese,peppers, onion, mild sauce.

Her Sundae: Small Chocolate sundae,Regular Blended with Nutty Butter Cups with whipped cream,Butterscotch syrup, nuts, and a cookie in the middle.

Her Meal: pancake with blueberry mix, pancake with blueberry mix, 2 butter, blueberry syrup.

Her Wings:2 Spicy Garlic Wings,2 Wild Onion Wings,4 Medium Boneless Wings,8 Green Peppers.

From Taco Mia.